i'm proud of you guys

2016-12-15 12:38:10 by Ericzane101

I am at a lost for words.... the support recently has been crazy. Since October, my channel increased in views, watch time, ad revunue, subscribers, and likes more than ever in my entire YouTube carrier. Hopefully you guys know that I am thankful for every single one of you and what you guys give me. To be honest this is one of the best Christmas presents I ever had and I think our channel is growing and soon enough we'll be big. Well what else can I say? Thanks a bunch, and to more awesome content.

Improving my Channel

2016-09-10 02:38:13 by Ericzane101

EZ here, back with another update on Newgrounds! Over the past few weeks I was working hard to improve my channel. I looked for drawers to draw my profile picture and animators to make a nice and better intro. It is hard and altough I was close and didn't succeed I will not give up. If you know any people who draw cartoonish icons for YouTubers and/or animators who make great 2d intros and do their own let me know!!!! Nice talking to you guys, thanks for staying updated with the recent events.


2016-07-18 18:14:13 by Ericzane101

I hope you guys had an awesome summer! There is still a good chunk of time left too. I just want to let you guys know there still is a lot of new awesome things I will be doing for the channel still so keep being patient! I WILL upload a video telling you what has been going on I case you were confused. So yeah, until next time friends.

My instagram Profile

2016-05-30 20:41:44 by Ericzane101

Sup, EZ here back with another update! My cousin Bearsfan20 recently made me an Instagram account, so go follow me on there. I will post pictures of what I am doing just like any other user xD


Where is Everyone!?

2016-04-07 19:13:55 by Ericzane101

Hey guys, EricZane101 here! First of all, should I start making YouTube videos on Newground games for my channel? Secondly, I am more active on my Twitter (@EricZane101) so go follow me! Finally, WHERE ARE YOU GUYS!!?? I have literally 1 fan, and that's my cousin! I will Tweet this so you guys can be my fan. Well guys, thanks for reading this post, goodbye!

Just spreading the word...

2014-10-14 19:16:38 by Ericzane101

Hey, so I think I already told you this but I have a youtube, so please subscribe the channel name is EricZane101 like ALL of my accounts. So please subscribe and watch my videos!